Norwich: New Beginnings and Building Beds

I haven’t posted in a long time but in my defense it has been hectic because we are getting ready to move and to a house!

So long story short, when we move the family is gonna split in two and me, my brother and Dad are gonna live in one house and my Mum and sisters in another. Dad’s renting our place so we have early access whilst the paperwork is going through for Mum’s house and ours.

Its been nice actually, having a place to crash whilst we take my siblings to open days up there and I’m enjoying getting to know the new place ^^

Normally I would do this in chronological order (I’m shamelessly trying to squeeze 2 Monday’s worth of content into one post :P) … but I’m too excited so here is my new bed that we built yesterday:


Took a good few hours and we weren’t too sure on some parts but 2 heads being better than one we managed to figure it out and by 3pm yesterday I was sinking into the comfiest mattress with my laptop and my knitting – nothing new there.

The week before whilst Dad was building a very comfortable chair I was given free reign on a drawer:


And after attempting a more complicated part of my brother’s desk on my own I quickly decided my IKEA bug ended with said drawer. On the upside we did manage to build my brother’s desk also:


(Brace yourself, this post is predominantly pictures)

Our house is actually in a super nice area with a Greggs just down the road … not that that makes me extremely happy or anything … and we are 5 minutes away from a massive park with so many swings ❤ and a gorgeous dog-friendly cafe with awesome vegan, vegetarian and ‘normal’ food options.

After dropping off my siblings at the open day for college me and my parents went to a delightful park for some coffee and because I forgot to write about it before, I am also including a picture of breakfast we had there a couple weeks ago because its too good not to talk about …


The cafe is located in the centre of the park and is ideal for families, dog owners, the older generation and even people looking to work as they have free wifi available with drink or food purchases. They have music nights, free toilets and both indoor and outdoor seating areas, what more could you need? Oh and I saw a lion whilst there^^ :


Isn’t s/he gorgeous?!

And thus concludes my tales from Norwich so far, I am sure there will be plenty more in the future. As always have a good day and feel free to subscribe and/or drop me a comment below, Ruthie ~


2 thoughts on “Norwich: New Beginnings and Building Beds

  1. So glad things are going well for everybody . Keep smiling honey a fabulous newith start for you all in such a wonderful part of the world xxx


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