An Educational Trip to Cambridge Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my tales from Cambridge (I need to find ways to put emojis in my posts).

Going way back to the beginning of the day – I was an idiot.

The one day I didn’t check the forecast and it decided to be cold and rainy all bloody day. And there I was in a short sleeved t-shirt. Well done Ruth.

The train from London to Cambridge only took an hour and something which was nice as I tend to get fidgety. I was settled with my newspaper, logic puzzles and was all set ^^

I really like Cambridge. Even though I was stood in a major train station it didn’t feel like it. People were so relaxed and calm, such a different feel to London where everyone has to be somewhere at the same time and they don’t care about anyone but themselves.

Becki met me at the station and we took a bus into the centre, £4.30  for a day rider ticket! Its a similar price to Sheffield and so much cheaper than travelling in the capital. The journey was nice too, we saw all the different colleges and Becki explained the system as its different from most unis but its so confusing I couldn’t possibly repeat it 😛

All the buildings are very old and have historical significance which was fascinating to learn about. Cambridge is very big into alumni … to be honest it doesn’t really interest me too much but each to their own.

If you want to read in depth tellings of my experiences in the classroom you can check part 1 to this post. I am aim to keep things quite short here to save repeating myself and boring you (cos I am thoughtful like that).

I will say it was such a warm and relaxed atmosphere. I didn’t feel like I inconvenienced anyone by observing and when I was able to make contributions it was a real confidence boost. Those of you who have read my post from my trip to Sheffield (read here) will know that my anxiety was through the roof and I was having panic attacks left right and centre. I am pleased to say that I had none during the whole trip and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it in spite of being surrounded by people I had never met before.

Being asked to go with a group of students to help them with their radio performance sounds like such a small thing but it meant so much. Both the teachers knew I wanted to become a teacher and so the fact that they trusted me to do something (even though the students are all adults) was an awesome experience.

Moving onto adventures outside the classroom ….

They have a bookshop with a Harry Potter display!!!!! It was the coolest thing ever and if it wasn’t for the rain I would have taken so many pictures. To be honest I would probably go back just for the shop … It had mini bobble heads and bookmarks and jewelry and books and scarves and oh my god I was in heaven.

Then we went to another bookshop filled with ESL books for both teaching and studying English. I swear you need a mini fortune for all of it. There were so many good books I wanted to buy them all!

As always when together we went for Korean food, but not before a quick stop to Starbucks where I had a green tea latte! I haven’t had those since coming back from Korea and boy have I missed them. If anyone knows good sources of green tea latte sachets/powder please leave a comment below …

I had the Bibimbap in Little Seoul and it wasn’t anything special. The price wasn’t bad, not the cheapest but it filled me up and the beef was really good – something you don’t often get with bibimbap.

The rest of the evening was uneventful apart from my dash to the car because it was pissing down with rain … such fun.

And thus draws an end to my Cambridge adventure, have a good day, Ruthie ~




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