The Green Grocers – More than just Fruit and Veg

Damn I do a lot of food based posts. Who cares? My food photography is on point … a lot like this place’s ALL DAY VEGAN BREAKFAST. Need I continue?

My first trip to Norwich and after a house viewing in the morning we came to The Green Grocers. From the outside it looks like a wonderful whole foods shop (which half of it is) and the other half is a pleasant and quiet looking cafe. After eating their food I don’t know how this place wasn’t chocker-block 24/7.

Above you can see a small selection of some of the food on offer. On the left is my wonderful soya mocha that disappeared way too quickly. Top-right is my sibling’s vegan breakfast without the bubble and squeak (I never knew it was made out of potato and always thought it was like black pudding – you learn something new everyday). And at the bottom is my vegan sausage roll with sweet potato fries which were so full of flavor. Both my dishes came with healthy amounts of salad (which went nicely with my sausage roll actually), and some artsy fartsy balsamic drizzled on the plate.

The All Day Breakfast came with a choice of breads that were all freshly made as were the sausage rolls ^^ (Love me a sausage roll – had one for breakfast this morning). The cafe also offers meat options and a wide range of salads, sandwiches, breakfast items and drinks. For a full menu including prices you can check out their website here.

The prices were seriously good. The breakfast was £6.95, the mocha £2.25 and the combination of both of my lunch items was roughly the same as the breakfast.

All in all I definitely recommend a visit if you want fresh quality ingredients and a healthy bite to eat.

P.S I apologize for not writing for a while, my mental health has been a bit shite and I have been knitting for England – but what else is new? 😛

Enjoy your day, Ruthie ~


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