A Trip to UK’s Korea Town

I thought I had written this post but turns out I hadn’t so here it is … albeit a little late.

Anywhoo … here’s a story about my trip to New Malden aka UK’s Korea Town.

Whenever I am home in London (which sadly won’t be very much longer) I always make sure to go to New Malden at least once and especially when my friend Becki is home ^^

So anyway we went to Waterloo and managed to get on a train going through New Malden (I can’t remember the end destination) straight away. Half an hour journey and we were pulling up at the station.

New Malden changes a lot with restaurants and the area doesn’t look a lot different from Dagenham but the amount of Korean restaurants *fangirls* is awesome.

Normally when we go, we go to a lovely little restaurant called 하루 Haru, but according to a guide online it was closed Tuesdays – we found out afterwards that this was a lie, its Mondays. Urgh.

Instead we went to Jin Go Gae which we have been to before. Its changed and the staff aren’t as nice as I remember but we still get free banchan which is rare for a lot of restuants nowadays. The price starts roughly at £7 and the food isn’t amazing but the portions are generous – and they do takeaway. I forgot to take a pic before I started eating so took a pic of the portion I took home which will have to do 😛


Granted its not the most Korean option I could have picked, it resembles more Chinese takeaway which isn’t surprising as I think it may be Chinese run (?) Don’t quote me on that. Also, the 나물 (namul, spinach) was bought separately (more on that later). They also add a 10% service charge which seems to be trend in Asian restaurants I’ve been to lately. Its odd cos in Korea you don’t tip …

Sadly there is little to do in New Malden besides eat but the food is definitely worth the trip. Before we went on our next food stop we popped into Hyun’s Bakery where there are no shortage of cheap goods including some really good biscuit bread and free Korean newspapers! (Always grateful for reading material).

Having walked off lunch we took a walk back towards the station where Bingsoo Cafe has become a wonderful addition to the main street. The atmosphere is nice and you get a mix of both Korean and non-Korean customers (so you know its good). The Bingsoo isn’t too dear and they have a wide selection of other foods if you don’t fancy Korea’s most popular dessert.

I had the strawberry Bingsoo (on the right) and I can’t remember what Becki had but she loved the Jasmine tea 😛 (Soz not sorry Becki).

It was sooooo good. Bingsoo is bascially shaved milk ice and is then topped with fruit, chocolate or other stuff like read beans or matcha. You can get some with cream on and they almost always have syrup of some kind. The little dish you can see in the foreground on the left is condensed milk (brings back memories of my childhood) and you pour it over the dessert to add a little liquid to it as it can be quite dry.

Tip: Don’t pour it over straight away, make a little well once you’ve eaten some. I made that mistake and lost most of mine to the tray the first time I had it …

Bellies once again full we took off towards Hmart which has a massive warehouse store (its amazing) about 15 mins walk away from the main street. I think I spent about £20 in there which was half what I spent the first time there – its so easy when you find stuff you can’t get in most places for a decent price.

They had Kpop albums and Korean makeup along with squared notebooks for calligraphy and homeware stuff. I love metal chopsticks you get in most Korean restaurants – they aren’t flat and have ridges on the end which are easier to eat with. Mine are in storage so I got another pack of 5 or 10 (?) for less than £4.

They had on offer my favourite brand of 짜짱면 (jjajjagmyun) which I was addicted to back in Seoul so of course I bought those. Their selection of freshly made food included an awesome selection of side dishes and kimchi, 잡채 (japchae) and 비빔밥 (bibimbap) as well as Korean style fried chicken. Hmart also offers a good selection of Asian products that aren’t Korean so a good place to go if you want to stock up (I’m planning a trip before I go back to uni ^^).

We found a side road which had a direct route to the train station, saved some time and we were tired after the long day.

I feel like this was one of my better adventure stories – I am trying to have more fun outside my bedroom (not as naughty as it sounds 😉 , its just where my laptop and wool lives). Keep your eyes peeled for more tales, I have like 20 odd drafts of just title ideas so I am definitely going to be posting a lot more regularly for a while.

Have a good day, Ruthie ~


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