The Biggest Museum in the World

I’ve been to a ton of museums both on home and foreign soil but The National Museum of Korea definitely casts a shadow on even the British Museum which is massive in my opinion (but then everything seems massive to me …). 

A friend and I decided to go to The National Museum and the Hangul Museum but the former was too big I had to bow out at the latter! But enough about where I planned to go.

The main floor was devoted to Ancient and Pre-Joseon Dynasty artifacts including written scripts and old pottery found across the country.

It was fascinating to see how similar some constructions of basic objects such as bowls, arrow heads etc were in both East and Western society. (I could go on about how interesting human instinct is but I’ll spare you for now).

The Joseon Dynasty exhibit was closed however a venture to the second floor revealed a series of paintings of the 10 courts of Hell featured in Chinese folklore. I had no idea they existed but they have made some excellent reading.

I should probably mention I am watching Poirot whilst writing this so my writing style is slightly ‘posher’ than usual. 

This blog is a useful alternative to Wikipedia though when looking at histories Wikipedia isn’t actually that bad (the student inside me screams at the thought!).

We spent about 5 hours in total at the Museum I think, the gift shop there was nice and they had a lot of postcards and stationary you didn’t have to pay through the nose for which was a plus ^^.

Just outside the Museum was a lovely little family restaurant providing sturdy portions for less than 10 000 won and a serve yourself banchan (side dish) stand complete with Kimchi and pickled radish. There were some vegetarian options, alas Korean food still has a way to go before it can be classed as vegan.

Below you can see my choice, Kimchi Fried Rice, which achieved just the right spice level (i.e. it didn’t leave me gasping for milk).

Possibly not to the most fascinating of stories I have from my Year Abroad but I definitely recommend a visit if you ever visit Seoul.

I did manage to go to the Hangul Museum which I will write about at some point (she says vaguely).

Have a good day, Ruthie ~


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