How I Study Korean – Resources Review

Trying to find Korean Language resources that suit you can be like trying to pick a plain bar of chocolate – you end up spoilt for choice.

So I thought I would whittle down some of the options and provide recommendations based on what I have found useful.


  • Viki – A drama streaming website with volunteer submitted subtitles. They’ve recently added dual subtitles for Korean shows making it easier to learn direct translations and new phrases.
  • Dramafever – A drama streaming site with paid membership – I haven’t used it personally but I have friends who do. You can get some dramas you can’t always get on Viki though I have heard its quite expensive.


  • Library Books – SOAS in London offers affordable day, month and yearly (I think) membership to their libraries with Korean books from all eras.
  • Korean Cultural Centre – The Korean Cultural Centre in London has a lovely selection of DVDs in Korean as well as bookcases filled with material in both Korean and English.
  • Foyles Bookshop – As with anything in Foyles the books will be slightly more pricey and its often hard to find the books online. The store has a good range of dictionaries, translated books (including Harry Potter ^^) and some textbooks from Korean universities.
  • Han Books – This online shop has the best selection of books outside Kyobo bookstore in Korea. Having said that the price list and the shipping fees are more than expensive so I don’t use them more than once a year if that.

Grammar and Vocab

  • Memrise – Words cannot describe how much I love this site and its app (available on both android and iOS). With a free membership you can use any number of vocab courses, set goals for daily learning, earn points, create your own courses and get discounts on their premium membership. Invaluable for any language learning.
  • TalkToMeInKorean – This company run by Korean native speakers has a site with grammar instructions, podcasts and printable pdfs. Their youtube channel is great for grammar and vocab; they have even produced a few books.
  • HowToStudyKorean – A site run by a non-native speaker of Korean. His explanations are detailed and sometimes over complicated. They aren’t bad for more advanced grammar patterns but you don’t lose anything if you don’t follow his lesson plan or buy his pdfs …
  • SweetandtastyTV – This youtuber I mentioned in my post about getting started with Korean has been so useful for learning snip-its of vocab each week or cultural facts about Korea.


  • HelloTalk – This is a social media app geared towards native speakers correcting learner’s speech. It is useful if you want contact with native speakers and corrections on written or spoken language. However sometimes you get some creeps (but that’s the same with any social media platform).
  • Lang8 – This website is solely for written pieces and acts similarly to HelloTalk in that it is for corrections. You earn points for posting corrections on others’ works and your pieces get bumped up the list for pending corrections.


I haven’t bought many books for Korean, at Uni we use textbooks from Seoul National University for the first year but I have bought a book series I found a friend using:

Korean Grammar in Use for Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced

They provide you with a CD that has audio versions of its introductory conversations and phrases. Inside there are page spreads devoted to explanations of single grammar points, complete with rules, examples and exercises for practice. Definitely recommend getting these books if you plan on seriously studying Korean.

Click below for links to other posts I have written about learning Korean and as always if you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

How I Study Korean – Getting Started

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