How I Study Korean – Focus Points

When learning a new language its important to keep in mind that there are 4 skills associated with learning and each are equally important. But when you start off learning its okay to focus on one skill more than the others (if I had tried to focus on all 4 at the same time I would have probably stopped learning a long time ago).

When I first started learning Korean I focused mainly on reading and writing because I tend to remember things better when I can write them down. But my interests came from watching and listening to Korean media.

Listening is an awesome way to start learning Korean and is such an important skill when communicating with other people. You can practice your listening skills with:

  • TV and Cinema
  • Radio
  • Music
  • Conversation practice
  • Youtube videos
  • Translations of works in own language

I personally enjoy reading Korean more than the other skills (you can take as much time as you want and hide when you don’t know all the words :P). Reading Korean material in hard form can be expensive but there are cheap options:

  • News articles online
  • Korean blogs
  • Library books – for info on libraries that stock Korean books click on the resource link below.

One of the harder skills when starting to learn Korean as some of the sounds are non existent in the Korean language. But once you get the hang of it, speaking can become a fun skill to practice in many ways:

  • Conversations with Korean speakers
  • Repeating phrases you listen to
  • Talking to yourself (not as crazy as it sounds)

Possibly the easiest skill to practice when starting out; writing can be as simple as practicing:

  • Using the alphabet
  • 3 word sentences
  • One word answers


  • Page long diary entries
  • Essays
  • Writings about your favorite topics

I hope this has helped in some way – it definitely reminded me about all the options there are available! Click on a link below for more advice on learning Korean and as always, any questions feel free to leave them below.

How I Study Korean – Getting Started

How I Study Korean – Resources Review



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