Returning to my Home from Home 

Today I visited Central London for the first time since before I left the country and damn was it good to be back!

Lots of walking, geek out and Korean food – I even had company!

Going to London on Good Friday has its pros and cons. The bus to the station was empty (there and back actually) but the trains were another story.

It was busy. The District Line was down between Aldgate East and West Ham so we had to take multiple trains (normally I wouldn’t complain but it was so fricking packed).

Moving onto happier things.

My brother and I had only two goals for going out in London which was more than enough because we walked all the way to Tottenham Court Road from Westminster Station ^^

We went to Forbidden Planet which is his fave shop and one of mine. We are both into Manga, comics and my brother is big into video games.

We spent a while looking round the top floor which was packed (but then what else is new?) and then went downstairs where it is every book lover’s dream. I bought a Belle comic (because I’m obsessed with Beauty and the Beast) and a Penny Dreadful graphic novel which was such a good show.

I also got Magic The Gathering cards which I haven’t done in I don’t know how long! It was nice going through the motions of opening cards, looking at what type they are and finding shiny ones. It’s made me excited to start building decks and finding a love for it that doesn’t stem from links to people who introduced me to it.

I think I struggle a lot with that with a few of my hobbies – I associate certain activities (like archery) with people who I don’t talk to anymore and it puts me off doing them. 

Lunch was eaten in a park behind Strand and we went Asian with a flash of British. My brother being a fish lover and interested in Japan had sushi whilst I took a trip back to Korea and had a dosirak from Kimchee to Go which gave me enough for dinner!


I have been getting this dosirak since the restaurant opened and it changes up its sides regularly. They have upped the amount of tofu they put in and put pepper in the sauce giving it better flavour – whoop whoop! It tastes amazeballs.

Travelling to and from London has made me appreciate Korea and Seoul and its subway system that much more. In Korea you have a 빨리 빨리 (ppali ppali) culture which means quickly quickly. In London everyone dawdles which is taking some getting used to.

Plus the subway carts are so wide in Seoul! You can have 4 people standing in between 2 people sitting on either side and still walk through. And they don’t have major works on multiple lines at the same time … but that’s TFL so you get used to it eventually.

I’ll admit this isn’t my most interesting post but I had a good day and in an attempt to be real about ups and downs whilst living with Mental Health problems I want to record the happy stuff.

Ruthie ~


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