Who wants to go to MBC?

It feels like so long since I posted about my adventures in Korea!

When I first heard we were going to MBC I was so excited, I thought we would be seeing film sets, possibly getting autographs … oh how wrong I was.

They didn’t tell us it was MBC’s Media Centre – so no celebrities there. But we did get to watch a 3D concert with Big Bang (us girls were very happy) so it wasn’t a complete bust.

The tour wasn’t overly long, there were lots of photo opportunities in drama sets, variety show sets and we even got to dance with A Pink.

There isn’t really too much to tell, its more a chance for me to show off all my celeb pics (if only…).

To be honest I only went because it was a class trip. That being said I did get to sort of bond with my class a bit and it was a welcome break in the semester where we had no public holidays (its worse than it sounds).

I’m sorry this tale wasn’t as compelling as some of the others but I got to be in a bed with Lee Min Ho so who cares?!

I jest, tomorrow’s post will be a bit more exciting albeit a trip to the past *sings spoilers* 

Have a fabulous day, Ruthie ~


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