Goodbye Korea, Hello England

Hello home

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I haven’t really talked about why I am coming home from my Year Abroad in Korea after 7 months with anyone other than my family and my university but lately I have been questioning why I came home and sometimes the best way to sort this stuff out is to get it out there … plus I really like blogging (who’d of thought?).

If you follow my Instagram (@theenglishhobbit) you will have seen this post almost a week ago so this post may not be a total surprise. But for those of you who haven’t – its official – I’M BACK IN THE UK.

I have qualms.

When I first decided to come home I originally argued it was for my mental health. I had a depressive episode whilst in Korea and at times struggled to keep myself safe. As time went on this got easier and actually the month I had off from school was possibly the best month of my life.

So why didn’t I stay?

This is a very good question … I’m not really sure I have a definite answer as of yet. I had moments in Korea where I hated it (but then I have moments lasting days at a time where I hate the UK). School in Korea is intense, I haven’t felt that way about studying since Secondary school which was a real low point in my life.

I was lonely.

I made a few friends in Korea, Vanessa who planned my entire Birthday Party but she went home quite early and we haven’t been able to keep in touch … then some friends in classes where we talk because we are in the same class but the friendship doesn’t extend from there (you know what that’s like).

It honestly felt like a lot of the time I was drowning in Korea and everybody else knew how to swim.

My family needs me.

This is actually the main reason I have given to everyone I have spoken to about coming home early. My dad came out as trans somewhere between 1-2 years ago, my parent’s divorce is in motion (which I completely support – if being yourself means you can’t be together in the same way as before then you need to do what you can to be happy) and us kids have enough demons to fill Tartarus and then some. Oh and we are moving to Norwich which I am super excited about.

So you could say that yes, my family need me home for support and to help with moving which is all true. But I’m starting to question if it was enough to bring me home. I don’t regret coming home, I couldn’t’ face another semester of school but now I feel like I could have planned a bit more for coming home than just bringing home an extra suitcase home of souvenirs.

Sorry, this post went way more serious than I thought it would. For some laughs, smiles or just shit to keep you occupied, check out my boards on Pinterest or check out my fave show at the moment: RuPaul’s Drag Race (oh trust me I could have suggested weirder) on Netflix or Youtube.

Hope this hasn’t brought down your day and as always if you have any questions or comments please leave them below ~ Ruthie x


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