Home is where there is Hot Water

If you have read about my first 72 hours in Korea you will know I had so many location changes and sad to say I have to add one more change to the list…

Staying in my studio was fine for a while but then the hot water became more and more temperamental which caused me so much stress. The weather was getting cooler and I had to wait until after 7pm to even attempt getting hot water and then I couldn’t get it at all.

After a few emails back and forth with the landlord it became apparent that there wasn’t really much he could do (or would be willing to do) about the hot water but could offer me another apartment* on the floor above. He didn’t mention I would be losing the lovely space by the kitchen but did mention the rent would be the same.

I’m calling it an apartment because its easier than calling it a One-Room*.

After a few talks with my Dad we agreed it would be best to move as soon as possible. So I move everything up the stairs with the help of a friend without checking how clean it was … which was stupid. Turns out the landlord hadn’t checked with his father-in-law who kinda manages the place and wanted me to move in the next day.

So…. I moved everything back downstairs only to move it up the following day. At the time I was so on edge and tearful but looking back on it, this place has been home to me for the majority of my life in Korea and I will miss it. The space actually did me fine and I got showers at 9am! When you read this I will be moving back home in 2 days! Time has gone so quickly but the space has been amazing.

As I move back home the story times might become more spread out as my life obtains a bit more variety but I will continue these updates, have a good afternoon.



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