Happy Birthday to Moi


In a quest to keep with the chronological order of my almost-a-full year abroad this post is technically dated October 25th but me being the wonderful procrastinator I am has taken almost 5 months to write about it ….

As far as Birthdays go I have had some very memorable ones (its not every birthday you get your best friend making you a Tardis Cake!) but as far as 21st Birthdays go this could not have been any better.

I normally get to school around 8am so am alone for an hour, my friend Vanessa is known to be late and so most of that hour was spent trying to make sure she made it to class but she wasn’t answering!

20 minutes before class begins she waltzes into class with a bag almost the size of me!

Bless her, she had gone to my favourite makeup store in Korea (Etude House) and put together a gift box filled with pink! I was so shocked she had put so much thought into it though at the time I was more surprised she was here before class had begun! 😛

The rest of the day went by pretty quietly, the class sung Happy Birthday to me and I couldn’t stop smiling. It wasn’t until lunchtime that I found out they had planned an entire surprise the day I had bowed out of our class get-together early.

My class mates had bought the coolest chocolate cake, pizza and a Stitch doll almost as big as me (which isn’t that difficult to achieve). I had no idea and was so touched, I will honestly never forget my 21st Birthday.

During most of my school life I’ve always been on the outside and actually this year abroad is my first time in full-time education where I haven’t been bullied or been involved in an emotionally abusive friendship. So to have my entire class think I’m worth enough to throw a party for was beyond anything I could have imagined and I honestly can’t thank all of them enough.

Sorry for the downer! Next post will be a bit more informative, I’ll explain why at the beginning of it. For more tales of my life in Korea or just my thoughts in general please follow my blog (button on the right) and I will catch you all next time.

~ Ruthie



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