Magic Truly Exists – A review of Beauty and the Beast


I was originally going to review this as a part of the chronological tale of my adventures in Seoul but then I would probably never get around to writing this which in my opinion would be a great disappointment.

So, I actually saw the film the day it came out in Korea (16th March) and sat 4th row from the front. It was an afternoon performance but I had all 4 of those rows to myself!!!

Beginning in Belle’s town and shortly launched into my favourite song Belle. The vocals were so obviously, Emma Watson’s but that just added to the magic. The cinematography was so clear and the colours so bright – it felt like you were transported there with her – all you needed was the fresh scent of bread for the experience to be complete.

I won’t provide you with a scene-by-scene playback, there is just too much to cover and you have to go see it for yourself!

With a star-studded cast featuring the vocals and finale scene appearances of Ewan McGregor, Sir Ian McKellan and the wonderfully talented Emma Thompson the antics of talking furniture in a mostly deserted castle are brought to life. I couldn’t stop smiling through much of the film.

images (1)

Cogsworth (Sir Ian McKellan), Mrs Potts (Emma Thompson), Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) – Left to Right

No fairy-tale would be complete without a tear-jerking climax which truly did have me sitting on the edge of my seat (even though I know the story by heart).

The only movie I could compare this one to is Disney’s Cinderella (maybe cos it’s the only other live action princess film I have ever seen) which for me was actually quite forgettable as far as Disney films go. Needless to say, Beauty and the Beast had the opposite effect. The blend between new music and old-time favourites was just right, providing the film with enough uniqueness to set it apart from its animated counterpart without alienating the audience.

images (2)

Luke Evans performing ‘Gaston’

No romance film review can be complete without comments on our leading male who’s face we only see properly in the final scenes. Dan Stevens never really stole my heart in Downton Abbey and whilst he suited the role of Beast he didn’t have to wow factor I’d associate with the egotistical prince who wins over Belle. Now if you had Alexander Skarsgard or Theo James and I may have made more of a connection …

On that note I bring an end to my probably lacklustre review of my favourite movie of 2017 (I doubt Pirates of the Caribbean will live up to the now very high standards I have for movies this year).


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