Fun in the Sun – Exploring a Korean Folk Village

When I first bought my ticket from the International Students Club at SKKU (Sungkyunkwan University, 성균관 대학교) I had no idea what to expect and thought all my friends would be going.

The latter was soooo not the case but I got to know two friends from back home who I hadn’t really spoken to and ended up having the best school trip I think I have ever been on.

The 20 000 won ticket included the coach from SKKU to and from the Village in Suwon which is outside of main Seoul but steeped in culture. It also included dinner in the form of a barbecue (vegetarian option included though more on that in a bit) which was held at SKKU’s Suwon campus.

It was hot, so very very hot. But that meant the scenery was absolutely amazing. I took a ton of pictures and wish I could upload more but have picked the best photos from my trip.

(If you click on each one they enlarge)

For the most part we were left to our own devices, as long as we were outside the main gate at  we were all good.

With no real idea on where we wanted to go we walked around, taking our time and exploring. It was a Saturday so it was busy but the place was massive so it didn’t feel like it was.

The restaurant was like a canteen with different stations depending on what you wanted to eat, you paid at one counter and took receipts to the different counters and collected food. There were tons of  benches under canapes, definitely built for summer whether with families in mind. It was a bit out of my price range (I brought jam sandwiches with me which I actually didn’t end up eating) but sat with my friends and chatted – I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.

Throughout the place there were so many market stalls and shops, I got a postcard (anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good postcard) and 2 magnets (I now have more magnets than I can count!). There were also convenience stores where you could buy drinks and an ice cream store – let me tell you, Koreans can make ice cream.

Eventually we headed back towards the main gate (quite a bit quicker than expected) so again sat down and chatted. But not before I managed to take photos of some of the stars who had shot dramas at the village!

I almost forgot, Korea is big into wishes and superstition. By the entrance there was a massive rock with tied paper on it and a station with plain paper. You write your wishes on the paper and tie it on the ropes and your wish will come true – it must worked cos mine did.

Eventually it was time to go to the barbecue and we arrived at the Suwon campus (you can see above). The barbecue was a pork with salad and chips though the vegetarian option was subway flatbread with everything I hated in …. so that was discreetly disposed of in a bin. Luckily us veggies (well veggies plus those who didn’t know if the meal included fish) were able to have salad and chips so it wasn’t a total bust.

The ride back home though, holy crap it was longer than the drive out by a long shot. I got home in just enough time to take my meds and crashed pretty soon after that. It was an eventful day to say the least!

Hope you enjoyed this story, there are more to come,



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