Who am I and what am I doing here?

One look at the title and already I’m bombarded with Disney songs.

It’s kind of weird starting off in the middle of something, I’ve been on the planet for 21 years and so much has happened its hard to know where to begin, I could begin at the beginning but that would involve the gruesome tale of me popping out of my mum which no one really wants to think about. Although I was an adorable baby if I do say so myself.

Looks like I should start in the present. I’m currently in Seoul, South Korea. That’s possibly a little too present. Story time!

Once upon a time in a little (big) house in Essex (the not so picturesque part) lived a 15 year old who accidentally stumbled upon K-Pop (stick with me here). She then went on to find Korean Dramas where she met one of her celebrity crushes …

Moving on. She eventually decided it was time to begin learning Korean and for a while she taught herself Korean and after a long long time of trying to figure out what she wanted to do at uni she stumbled upon Korean studies. Fast forward 2 years, some rocky A-levels and more panic attacks than she could count and she was finally at University of Sheffield studying Korean, just like she always wanted.

No good story is all rainbows and unicorns. She fell for the wrong guy, got diagnosed with depression, had to take a leave of absence which resulted in repeating the first year of uni (which actually had sooo many positives).

After a long fight of convincing her department she was fit to go on her year abroad she was finally allowed. In amongst earnest preparation for the biggest adventure of her life she went through a traumatic Easter at home which she still can’t think about, a summer where she found out her Dad was trans and her parents were getting divorced.

But somehow she still made it, got into Level 3 of Korean at Sungkyunkwan University, passed not only Level 3 but Levels 4 and 5 thus passing her second year at uni!

She’s now sitting in her room after a lovely day out in a market with the most beautiful hanboks, the most gorgeous river and awesome streetfood. Which I hope to write about in my next installment.

Until next time, Ruthie ~


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